Cryptocurrency, or Tokens, are becoming more and more popular online. An ICO is basically how new businesses and start-ups fund their cryptocurrency business. Mainly facilitated using Ethereum and Bitcoin, supporters of the start-up will receive a percentage of the token issued.

However, marketing ICO can be frustrating, though it is rewarding and well worth the hard work. Here are some tips to help make the hard work a little less annoying and make the payoff even greater.

What is your market and your audience?

You need to know whether ICO’s are right for your business before marketing them. You need to know how you will integrate the token into your business before starting anything. If adding a token to your business won’t add any major value then it probably isn’t for you and will bring you the desired result. This is okay as it’s not for everyone – just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to hop on it as well.

Knowing your audience is also key. People will either understand cryptocurrency or they won’t ever have heard of it before. If you decide that you want to do an ICO for your business then you need to create a marketing plan to speak to whichever side of the (digital) coin your audience falls on.

What are the rules?

Although it does get a bad rep, ICOs and Tokensales are actually becoming more regulated as they become more mainstream. We’re not saying that you need to know the ins and outs of an ICO, but you should understand the basics of it and preferable if you do one have participated yourself in multiple once before to understand what investors look for.. Making sure you are fully compliant with any laws that you need to follow will minimise any trouble that you may run into upfront.

Is your website up to date?

If you are the CEO of your company, you will have the hardest job of all if you decide to do an ICO and integrate Tokens into your business. Make sure your website is completely up to date, and make sure it stays that way. This is so any potential investor can see exactly what you get up to, and why they should invest in your business, rather than someone else’s. Communication is not only key, but it is completely essential.

As well as having an up to date site, you should make sure that you audience knows who you are as a company. Let them know your mission statement and what your goals are and they will be more likely to invest, as they will feel more invested in the company as a whole.

Are you offering your data?

Investors want to see evidence. If they can’t see what their investments are going to achieve then they won’t put their money into your company. Making sure your data is available to all potential investors is a great way for them to see how their money will help and where it will go. You are providing proof that your business is good and that their money will go to good places. You will also gain more exposure as your business will get reported on more often as an open and trustworthy company.

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