On Thursday, November 9th, THEKEY formally introduced themselves to the NEO community by holding an AMA on the NEO subreddit. Members from THEKEY who attended the AMA were Catherine Li (Founder and CEO), Ken Huang (Chief Blockchain and IDV Scientist) and Guochun Xu (CTO).

THEKEY is an identity verification project that was founded in 2014. Based in Singapore, THEKEY initially raised 10 million RMB in seed funding, with an additional USD$25 million raised to date. Since then, they have gone onto obtain 23 copyrights, register 15 patents and deploy their identity verification solution to two pilot cities Kaifeng and Jiaxing with another 41 cities covering 130 million people on the way.
THEKEY have also signed commercial agreements with some of China’s biggest companies including Ant Financial, China Minsheng Bank, China Unicom, China Re and Ping An.