UNIKOIN – Is this the worlds biggest token sale in Esports?


Unikrn, the world leader in esports betting, will hold a token sale starting on September 22.  You can sign up for the presale on the organization’s site, https://unikoingold.com/.

Unikrn is an established, fully regulated and licensed esports bookmaker; it was founded in 2014 and is based in Seattle. Unikrn, Inc., has already raised $10 million in traditional venture capital from famous investors such as Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and is known from the famous ABC network show about investments, Shark Tank. Other great venture capital investors such as Ashton Kutcher are also on board.

The company’s esports betting site unikrn.com has around 300,000 monthly visitors and is popular in the US, Germany, Portugal and the UK. Its traffic has been fairly consistent for the last 6 months. Most of the traffic is direct, with people typing in the domain directly, which leads to the conclusion that the site has a loyal and returning customer base. The core product itself looks solid and well done, and it supports esports betting for popular games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO and DOTA 2.


As Unikm knows what it is doing and has already established a community and attracted famous investors, its sale of decentralized esports betting tokens should be smooth sailing.

One could ask why Unikm is now going the way of an ICO and issuing ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network; the reason is straightforward: At the moment, the company’s model provides its users with the ability to liquidate their actual Unikoins (which are not tokens and are more like credits) through the Unikrn raffle market, However, betting laws limit Unikoins’ functionality, as they must exist solely within the Unikrn system. With the issuing of the proposed ERC20 token, UnikoinGold users will have more power and will have alternative methods of trading in their earnings, including the ability to do so freely on the open market and crypto currency exchanges


UnikoinGold WhitePaper: https://unikoingold.com/whitepaper

Registration for Token Presale: https://unikoingold.com/

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